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Video | MTV Splits Villa | Episode 8 | 26th July 2008 | High Quality

Watch the Full Video of the 26th July, 08, Episode 8 of the MTV Splits Villa Online, where Yamini and Hannah as they where dumped by the Boys giving the reason that they are here to make girls friends and not for the Boys. Rannvijay and the girls assemble in the lounge - it's time for the boys to pick team captains and the girls to go on the test for intelligence. Varun picks Bianca and Vishal picks Prianca and the girls play the game, clue by clue. The winners of Pleasure Hunt - Bianca, Bosky and Shraddha get a date with the boys while the losers Prianca, Hannah, Ritu and Yamini resort to bitching. Schmeh...!!!

At the date Varun and Bianca get naughty, Vishal and Shraddha get cosy and Bosky frets and fumes. Poor little ignored babe. At the date, it's confession time with Hannah, Ritu, Prianca, Yamini and Heena.

Hannah in Interview : I couldn’t get a better elimination, being told that I’m very friendly with the other girls and that they know me better! At least proves that I didn’t need to pull the other girls down to glorify myself! Actually, in spite of being a very self confident person, I was more surprised at the length of time I stayed in Splitsvilla.

Yamini in Interview : Since I was in the dumping zone each time I kinda got used to getting saved at the last moment. But LUCK eventually ran out and I'm glad that it ended when it did. I'll miss the show not for the BOYZ coz they don't deserve to be with ME. My taste in men is a lot better and these guys never even stood a chance to be associated with me.

MTV Splitsvilla - 26th July 08 pt1

MTV Splitsvilla - 26th July 08 pt2

MTV Splitsvilla - 26th July 08 pt3

MTV Splitsvilla - 26th July 08 pt4

MTV Splitsvilla - 26th July 08 pt5

MTV Splitsvilla Dumping Ground - 26th July 08

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