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Watch Full Videos | MTV Splits Villa | Episode 5 | 5th July | High Quality * where Anubha’s Anubhav at Splits villa…Journey Ends. When Asked to the Anubha's Anubhav about The girls you didn’t like at all? Why?

The girlz I didn’t like in Splitsvilla at all would b Prianca, Bosky & Hannah.

Prianca- Coz she is very manipulative, she is not at all classy, one SHAMELESS chick on d show.
Bosky- Very clever, good @ fighting n dominating people, she plays mind games with every1, but I think she’s gonna fall in her own trap.
Hannah- Just one word 4 u: Ultra-Pretentious.

If given a choice of coming back 2 d show, I would choose not 2 come coz I feel that d time when I left Splitsvilla was apt for me, as things were getting worse n I don’t want 2 b a part of d mudslinging happening there n anywayz I believe dat all gud things should come 2 an end, so am happy n contended missing d lovely things happened 2 me there.

Dumping Round - Video

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