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Well, I have found out that many people actually don't actually know How To Add Blog Feed Application to his/her Orkut Profile. Nowadays with so many blogs on the Run everyone depends on Post Feeds to keep Up. This post will explain it to you in Details, how to work with feeds in orkut.

But before that 
What is feed and Rss ?? : If you want to know check out Amith Agarwal's post which contain's a very Well explained Video explanation at @ How Do You Subscribe to Blog Feeds ?(video to be added soon)

Now the actual thing 
How to Add feeds / rss on your orkut profile ? : Follow these simple steps as given below...
● Navigate to your orkut profile In Your profile, you will see a link to "add stuff"
● Clicking that option would bring you to the page shown in the screenshot below.
● Just enter the nostalgicmovies! feed url in the space highlighted -
● Click add.
● Now you can click on your feeds to check if we have posted something new on Re


You are Done !
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Other Ways to Subscribing to feeds "

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khaleel123ahmed said... @ May 22, 2009 at 12:55 AM

i like watching
so much
i wantt to watch movies

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