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Video | MTV SplitsVilla Episode 7 - 19th July 2008 | Online

Watch the Full Video of the Episode 7 Aired on the 19th July 2008 of the MTV Splits Villa where Annie leaves Splitsvilla a second time. Raghu gave her a 2nd chance because she was brought directly to the dumping zone without a date. When he was offered to say something to any of the boys, she said some loving poetry in the punjabi to the varun and vishal was upset and changed his vote to dump out Annie out of the show. Their was a tie between Annie and Yamini and Girls were to desided on the dumping so, did they Annie out of the MTV Splits viall for a Second Time.

Watch the Full Video of the Episode 7 - MTV Splits Villa - Annie Eliminated Again - 19th July 2008

Dumping Round - Episode 7 - 19th July 2008

How does it feel to be eliminated again?

It doesn’t feel that great coz when I came to know that I got a re-entry I actually thought I would surely win. I had a great chemistry with vishal and I did all my tasks well. The only thing that lacked in me n that’s the reason I got eliminated out earlier was that I didn’t know how to play politics well. I got my mind prepared, and I decided to be very alert and smart in splitsvilla but again the gals thought that I was an obvious threat so they voted me out rather than yamini. The best part is that amongst all the gals at splitsvilla I was the only one to get a re-entry coz probably they saw a spark in me, the potential to win and this by itself is an achievement. I think this spark in me will take me places coz I have a spark to be a star.

I had a re-entry after my bang exit from the game. None of the viewers will ever forget my exit. Many people got a shock when I left and I knew if incase I have a re-entry it would surely be a bang entry and so it was. Vishal was very happy to see me and he was very glad that I was back. Raghu got me back in the show but he didn’t make me safe directly. I was kept in the dumping zone along with other girls like heena, ritu and yamini. Raghu explained me that the game is changed which I was completely not aware of and he told me instead of two guys winning the show only one guy will win the show and that one guy will be decided by the girl who is secured till the end by both these guys. It was clear in my mind that varun will not secure me coz he knows that there is a chemistry between me and vishal. Keeping me in the game would surely be a threat to varun coz I would never choose him.

Reason for elimination?

Raghu gave me a second chance coz I was brought directly to the dumping zone without a date. He asked me to choose one guy n say something special to him and convince him so that he doesn’t vote me out. When I went back home I learnt Punjabi for vishal coz incase he and I would meet him outside the game I would tell him that I took in efforts to learn Punjabi for you. But when I was given a chance to choose amongst the two guys I chose varun coz I knew vishal likes me he would never vote me out so to be safe I need to say something sweet to varun coz he knows I like vishal witch might be a threat 4 him in future. When I said those Punjabi lines for varun so vishal got pissed and he erased ritu’s name and wrote my name coz he said that while going from the show I confessed my liking for vishal n now when I’m back he was expecting something nice for him not for varun. But he never understood I was doing it for him only for our future. I wanted vishal to win and obviously ill choose him at the end.

Varun wrote my name coz I was a threat for him and vishal wrote my name coz he thought I started liking varun that’s the reason I spoke to him. This is height of possessiveness. Yamini and I had a tie coz both the guys voted against us so the verdict was in the girl’s hands and of course when it comes to girls they will surely remove their competition and of course I was a bigger threat than yamini.

Your pick from the two boys?

I liked vishal for his sensitive nature which is same like mine but now I don’t like him coz how cud he not understand that at the end obviously I would choose him and not varun. He thinks by his heart, he should even use his brain. I hate varun for his flirty attitude. He thinks by his brain he should even use his heart. I don’t like anyone now but I still want vishal to win coz he is a good person.

Who has the best chance in the girls to win the boys? Who ever plays it smart and all of them are very smart.

The girl you dint like at all?

It was a game and everyone had to act bitchy and nasty to survive, so no offences against anyone coz that’s the part of the game.

Your experience at Splitsvilla?

Splitsvilla was a life time experience. I really enjoyed a lot. I just love the ambience and everything was so damn perfect and romantic. Camera is my first love and 24/7 with cameras all round was great fun. The crew was very supportive. I had a great time in splitsvilla. Miss u splitzy.

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