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Video Online | MTV Splits Villa | 12th Episode | 23th Aug | Prianca Dumped

Watch the Full Video Online Watch of the MTV Splits Villa , Episode Number 12 Aired of the 23rd August 08, where it is coming closer and closer to the Winning Moments of the MTV Splits Villa. This Time is the Prianca's & Hanna Turn to Get Dumped from the MTV Splits Villa. Splitsvilla's final showdown kicks off with the bajate raho session. Its time for the girls to vote for the one girl they think shouldn't win. Priyanca comes on top, giving her half an hour each with the boys. It's her final chance to win their love. Heena and Shradha re left with only fifteen minutes with each of the boys. Taking off from last week, Shradha and Vishal plot to continue their sob story. But, Shradha breaks down... and confesses to Varun. This works in her favour. At the dumping zone, the guys put down the name of the girls they want to win. Shradha emerges victorius, she's the winner among the girls on the MTV Splits Villa.

Reason for elimination from the Prianca point of View included the below :

I wish i knew why Varun wrote Shradha's name instead of Heena.... According to d circumstances it was obvious on Varun's part to put Heena in d safe zone which would have led to me winning d show according to d twist...but i really don’t know why he chose Shradha who he knew will never ever choose him in d… I guess he just started thinking too much bout d game n lost out on simple was a big shock to not only me but everyone on d show that how could Varun choose Shradha knowing that she will never let him win n specially considering d fact that Varun was merely there to win d game.

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