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Watch the Full Video Exclusive from the MTV Splits Villa - Winner's Shraddha and Vishal Love Story Across the 3 Months at the Splits Villa Only on the Online TV Live Aired on the 6th September, 2008 Only on MTV India. So the results are finally out and the war for love has finally been won... Shradha and Vishal are the lovely couple who will be hosting a show on MTV... Vishal has proven himself to be worthy of Shradha by winning the sensuality and intelligence contests... Look forward to seeing the happy couple on MTV...and Online TV Live.

A big thank you to everyone who has been following the show and sending in your messages and comments on Online TV Live. ALMOST FOR three months MTV had the audience glued in front of the television sets on every Saturdays from 7pm to 8pm. Most of you have guessed it right. “Splitsvilla” the romance reality show was a hit among youngsters and had gained much popularity right from its first episode. Twenty girls tired to woo the two boys in the war of love show fill with excitement, romance and heartbreaks. Everyone was eager and anxious to know who would be winner of the show. Finally the wait is over.

Vishal Karwar and Shraddha Haribhai have emerged as the winners and would get a chance to become the first MTV couple video jockeys (VJ s). They not only won the competition, but also won each others hearts as well. Shraddha, Prianca and Heena were the ones who reached the last three after the others were either dumped by the boys or the girls. The reality show’s finale unfolds, but the reel life romance is carried forward into the real life also. Both Vishal and Shraddha had been quite frank in expressing their mutual affection in front of the screen. Not only the contestants, Vishal and Varun’s friends and even the viewers had felt the vibes between the two.

A leading website reported that the couple have been spotted at cafes and lounges in the Andheri area. It is also been said that Shraddha has hit the gym in an attempt to shed a few kilograms. Vishal and Shraddha were the favourites to win the show. During a recent bash to celebrate the success of ’Splitsvilla’, Vishal and Shraddha were seen cuddling and hugging each other.

A lot of people believed that Prianca was hot and would have been a perfect match for Vishal and she should have won, Heena was tall and elegant and probably the best one as far as looks are concerned. Bianca truly liked Varun, but Varun himself voted her out (crazy thing he did), Bosky was indeed very dominating and had she stayed longer the show would have turned out to be more interesting. But leaving everyone behind Shraddha emerged as the sole winner.

The couple will soon be hosting their won show on MTV. Stay Tuned for them only on MTV Bolly TV.....

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